Butterfly Baby is a baby planning and concierge service based in Dallas, Texas that includes party planning and nursery design. We cater to the working mom, the new mom,  and families that need help planning one of the biggest events in life.  Think of what wedding planners do for a wedding, Butterfly Baby does for babies!  From decorating your nursery to helping you with your registry to helping Mom transition back to work after maternity leave, we are there offering assistance every step of the way. Due to research performed, Butterfly Baby offers the knowledge to differentiate between facts and opinions.

We offer packages depending on your needs, and they are priced upon how involved you would like us to be.  In addition to the packages, we can operate on an hourly basis.  The options are endless!  Please contact Butterfly Baby for your initial complimentary consultation.

We have Social Butterfly too which includes party planning for showers, sip n sees, birthday parties and more!  We deliver when you deliver!